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A world-class education
starts with us!

We can choose to elect candidates that are
passionate about pre-k to high school education
and beyond. Instead of listening to the fabricated
distractions and noise about what's not even in
our school curriculum, let's focus on making the
education of each student in Minnesota something
to be proud of. 

Let's invest in smaller class sizes, more resources
for students & parents, and preparing our students
for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Let's better support our teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff financially and let them know that we appreciate their contributions in preparing the next generation of Minnesotans.

Finally, the right thing to do is to
 invest in our children by also making school lunches available at no cost to all families- which is a bipartisan issue area and one that benefits achievement outcomes.

Our state government can be a partner and not an obstacle to my vision of education - if we elect the right candidates in 2024.
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