All Minnesotans should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

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When we get past this crisis, if we're serious about
making sure every child can pursue their dreams
regardless of what they look like or which zip code
they live in, let's get serious about doing what works!
Studies show real learning can't happen when you
arrive to school hungry or stressed because of the
lack of safe and stable housing. Let's make sure
those who need it have healthy meals, the support
of paraprofessionals, and counselors upon request. 
Teachers can't give individual attention in packed classrooms, so let's fund schools so small class sizes foster stronger relationships with teachers. We know that sometimes teachers don't look like their students, so let's invest in teachers of color.  Let's champion fully-funded public education from pre-school to 12th grade, making important investments in affordable childcare, job training, and by honoring our promise to pay 60% of of the way in public higher education and to continue investing in State Grants so all Minnesotans can reach their full potential. 

In 2021 I will work to do the following:


I support the following for our children:

  • Fully-funded schools with appropriate class sizes

  • Voluntary, state-funded pre-K for up to two years prior to Kindergarten

  • State-funded student lunch program so no kid goes hungry

  • Investing in more school social workers to tackle behavioral & mental issues

Higher Education

  • State Grant program that allows students to focus on learning and not on debt

  • Return to the 60/40 formula for public education

  • Debt forgiveness for students whom graduate from in-demand college programs

  • Public/Private Job Training Incentive Program to train / retain MN worker