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For a cleaner, brighter future

"Let’s commit to electing officials that aren’t resigned

to addressing the real challenges."


Let’s all decide that it’s going to take elected officials

that are willing to address the real challenges with real



Climate change is real, and it poses a threat to our way

of life and the legacy of the “Land of 10,000 lakes” that

we will all pass down to the next generation. No other

state has these kinds of natural resources, yet we face

fish consumption advisories in polluted lakes

and with more toxic chemicals appearing in places like the spleens of whitetail deer. There’s even mircoplastics being discovered in the digestive tracts of earthworms within the BWCAW.


Speaking of toxic chemicals, many aren’t being properly regulated in the state of Minnesota which means these “forever chemicals” bind to molecules of water and our soil and bioaccumulate in humans. These words aren’t meant to alarm or scare you – but to illustrate the decision makers at our state level are asleep at the wheel on these issues and we’re taking down the legacy of the natural world that we covet so much at putting ourselves in harms’ way.

Working together, let's elect Legislators that care for us and that will protect our wild places and safeguard our legacy for generations to come.

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