All Minnesotans deserve a clean energy future and healthy climate.

Together, Minnesotans have made significant
investments into clean water, more public lands
at a time when our economy was uncertain. In
2008, I supported the efforts of the Clean Water,
Land & Legacy Amendment which increased our
taxes slightly so that we might all benefit from our
outdoor and cultural heritage. In 2020 the
majority of Minnesotans know that we must
take bold action to provide a clean energy future Statewide;  our youth are calling for a return to a
healthy climate, and our farmers are seeing radical changes to weather patterns which is destabilizing and putting a greater risk on our food supply.
We have no coal, oil, or natural gas deposits in Minnesota and therefore we are dependent upon the fossil fuel industry for energy. While that is hitting our wallets and costing us our children's future, these climate-denying corporations have risked our future for profits, while employing lobbyists,  spreading misinformation, and funding campaigns of the candidates that deny climate change exists.
We have an abundance of wind and sunshine and I believe in a brighter, cleaner future by supporting the transition to clean and renewable energy, supporting sustainable agriculture, and providing good-paying jobs in both sectors. 
Renewable Energy PC.jpg

In 2021 I will work to do the following: