Have you ever been in a canoe or kayak on a lake in the BWCAW? When was the last time that you took a walk in a State Park or have driven by a solar farm? Did you know that 4 biomes are contained within our state boundaries, or that they are identified as Prairie, Deciduous Forest, Tall-grass Aspen Parkland, and Boreal Forest?
Protect and Preserve Minnesota

Minnesota is a rich and diverse state for which many people go outdoors to hunt, fish, and recreate. We all benefit from clean air, clean water, and public lands that protect wildlife diversity and give urban dwellers places to explore and learn from.


I was proud to volunteer on behalf of efforts to modify our Minnesota Constitution with the passage of the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment in 2008. But this money should be used in addition and not to replace funding to protect or enhance habitat, preserve our arts & cultural heritage, and to protect our communal water. 

In the past decade Legislators have reached bi-partisan agreements to reduce carbon emissions and step up on renewable energy options for customers across Minnesota. Still we are finding that temperatures are rising as a result of climate change and we are already noticing the concerning effects. It is up to the next Legislature to address issues of carbon emissions, carbon capture & storage, and increasing renewable energy targets that won’t cripple the economy.

Here are some projects that I will work to pass at the Legislature:

  • Developing better guidelines and involving more stakeholders in discussions centered around clean air & water

  • Additional funds to remove invasive species from our waterways, natural areas and preserves

  • Mitigating the effects of climate change

  • Doubling our Renewable Energy Standard (RES)

  • Incentivizing manufacturers and plants to reduce carbon emissions by reducing payroll taxes for compliance

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing State electric vehicles


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