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Minnesota State Capitol, March 2020

I’m a small business owner former St. Peter City Councilmember that ran for office for State Representative in 2018 because I wanted to be a voice for Greater Minnesota . The theme of my campaign was "Working Better. Together." because I was concerned about the state of political discourse  and because together we share the values of healthcare, education and the future of our state - one that we can all be proud of.  Below are the results of my working on your behalf:

In 2019 & 2020 I worked across the aisle to get 13 bills passed into law including:

  • Bailey's Bill (HF 485)

  • $750,000 for Minnesota Initiative Foundations to provide child care grants increase childcare slots in Greater Minnesota (HF 422)

  • $4.3 million to the University of Minnesota Forever Green Agriculture Initiative for the development of Kernza & other cash crops (HF 962)

  • Passage of the NORTH Mankato food & beverage tax to finance the construction of the Caswell Park Regional Sporting Complex facilities(HF 1217)

  • $800,000 to be made available to County Fairs in 2020 & 2021 (HF 1305

  • $50,000 for the Center for Rural Policy & Development for research (HF 1608)

  • Expansion of the Working Family Tax Credit to include 3 children (HF 1795)

  • $1.794 million to create safer working conditions at the St. Peter Regional Treatment Center (HF 2040)

  • $2 million for the development of an indoor recreational facility at Caswell Park in North Mankato (HF 2641)

  • Landon's Law $50,000 to expand the Farm Safety Grant Program for grain bin safety (HF 3224)

  • Development of a program to develop new city or county owned childcare facilities in Greater Minnesota (HF 3497)

  • $35 million for the expansion of four lanes from Nicollet to New Ulm (HF 3977)

  • $25,000 for the University of Minnesota to digital applications that allow a user to remotely power off a grain storage facility via cell phone or electronic device (HF 3926)

  • Expanded Local Government Aid, School Aid & County Program Aid to 2002 levels, decreasing local property taxes


This is just some of the work accomplished in 2019 & 2020. I cannot wait to get back to work in Saint Paul on your behalf. 

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