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Public safety for All!

Criminal Justice Support

In the Greater Mankato area, we have been blessed

with great police departments filled with strong and

principled officers who serve with integrity and

decency. As a former St. Peter City Councilmember, 

I've been committed to keeping our community safe

and our police department resourced to keep our

officers and all of us safer. 

The justice system only exists as a partnership when

local officials, police chiefs, prosecutors, and community

organizations work together on the ground to address the increase in violence and crime seen across Minnesota. As State Representative, I will continue to work together with all of them to ensure the safety and well-being for everyone regardless of if you live in urban, suburban, or in rural Minnesota. No exceptions. 


A fringe minority point fingers and use our differences to make us scared of one another. Others push the narrative that Democrats wish to defund our police departments. I am committed to ensuring that we develop police and public safety departments that are properly trained, have adequate funding for recruitment and retention, and have the proper personnel in place to respond to mental health crises within our communities.


Gun Violence Prevention

I'm dedicated to keeping our communities and schools safe from gun violence through common-sense measures such as safe storage, universal criminal background checks, and I support extreme risk protection orders to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. Recent headlines show a spike in local felons caught while possessing handguns. They aren't getting them from reputable dealers, and in Blue Earth County - cases of felons with illegally obtained guns have doubled this year according to the County Attorney.  

Increased Mental Health Resources

I'll partner with local health professionals to increase funding and access to mental health services, counseling, and treatment for addiction, and I'll help deliver more mental health resources to public schools to better support our students. Everyone knows someone who has needed mental health support. Whether it’s ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety, addiction - we all deserve care and dignity.​ Let’s work together to de-stigmatize mental health. It’s important that we support those who are struggling and ensure they can get the resources they need. 

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