When you hear the word Veteran, do you think of foreign combat, the American Flag, or the local VFW or American Legion post?

To me veterans are a segment of the population that should be revered and never should endure the suffering of homelessness or the agony of treatable maladies. Like many other families, our as has also endured the loss of a loved one that once served in the military and had succumbed to the pains of PTSD.

And as your next Representative, I will seek solutions to treat veterans and provide families of veterans with an improved quality of life including:

  • Lifetime Homestead Market Value Exclusion for surviving spouses so when they move, the exclusion follows them

  • Access to free mental health screenings and the access of appropriate mental  & physical care without having to travel across the state

  • Military Beneficiary Pay of Benefits protections to prevent predatory practices

  • State Veteran Home remodeling / upgrades

  • Homelessness to Hired Jobs Program


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