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Jeff Brand for House


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Dear Voter, 


I'm Jeff Brand and I'm running to be your next state representative. I was a City Councilmember for 7 years. I was also your state representative from 2019 to 2020.

I'm a small business owner, supportive husband, and proud father. Genevieve and I moved to the area to earn college degrees. We fell in love with Southern Minnesota and decided to start our family and grow our business because we found optimism and hope here at the “bend in the river.”

But we know that our communities and our state can do better for residents in so many ways:

  • We all should have access to the education that we need to achieve our dreams.

  • Too many family caregivers are having to choose between the care of a sick loved one or their paycheck. We all deserve adequate support to protect us from financial setbacks, emotional hardships, and dire health consequences.

  • Seniors are struggling to pay outrageous prices for their prescriptions and have to go further for their care. We deserve a better quality of care in our golden years and our state government can provide these solutions. 

  • Our outdoor heritage is being challenged by fish consumption advisories and poorer water quality, more exposure to toxins, less wildlife habitat, climate change impacts are forever changing our landscape.

  • We must work together to rebuild our lives and our economy following the devastating pandemic by creating more opportunity for entrepreneurs to succeed. 

  • We must fuel our workforce by investing in more childcare opportunities across Minnesota so that young parents don’t have to choose between caring for their children or following a career path. 

These aren't easy topics, and we aren't living in easy times. Now we must listen to one another to discover common ground.  We need leadership built with an open heart, an open mind, and mutual trust. We need a leader who will bring the district together so that our economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and quality of life will improve.

That is why I'm running for State Representative.

Together, let's build the Minnesota of tomorrow– a Minnesota we can proudly call home.




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