All Minnesotans should have the care they need.

Minnesotans believe every person should have high
quality, affordable health care, no matter their gender,
age, zip code, or what they look like. ​
COVID-19 has shown us that our health and our
prosperity are connected. Corporate health care greed
has forced too many Minnesotans to choose between
food & rent, or paying their medical bills. For the same
reason, high quality elder care and in-home care are
out of reach for too many vulnerable, disabled, and
elderly neighbors. Minnesotans have the right to make
their own medical decisions without interference from
insurance companies because of time-wasting pre-authorizations or their employer. 
By pulling together as we've done in the past, we can make sure that every one of us gets the care we need to make it through the pandemic and rebuild a healthier future for all Minnesotans, no exceptions!

In 2021 I will work to do the following:


​I'll ensure:


Mental Health & Care Investments
  • Funding the construction of more community-based mental health facilities to address crisis across Minnesota

  • Increased wages for In-home Health Care Workers to encourage long-time career opportunities

  • Stop cutting or shifting money from Health & Human Services towards other funding commitments

  • More funding for Minnesota Officer Crisis Intervention Training program