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Let's rebuild our "sick" 
Healthcare system

I've heard very personal accounts of how our healthcare
system was failing the people that counted on it. I spoke
to the parents of a young child with a rare cancer, a
newly diagnosed diabetic that was struggling to get
insurance to cover medication, and many farmers and
small business owners that paid up to $30,000 per year
just to have health insurance that they avoid because
of the extremely high deductibles.

Surely, we can do better for one another. The problem is
that healthcare is a for-profit industry and one
insurance company
 posted $5 billion. Many people
avoid routine exams that can detect problems in earlier
stages, simply because they cannot afford them. In rural Minnesota the medical services that we rely upon are requiring us to travel further and the costs are greater. What do we do about it? As your Representative, I worked hard to make a difference.

Together, we made insulin affordable with the passage of the Alec Smith Insulin for All legislation. After years of inaction – we passed legislation to protect seniors by developing licensure of assisted living facilities. I helped hold drug companies responsible for opioid addiction and overdose deaths, and worked on a COVID-19 response that helped save lives early in the pandemic. All were DFL priorities, met with strong opposition from Big Pharma and others special interests. 

What’s next? Let’s band together to rebuild our "sick" healthcare system and continue to provide reforms that will make an impact on our lives. I will lead on the Minnesota Health Plan that includes dental and prescription drug coverage. I will lead on a plan to provide earned sick and safe time and paid family leave for any working Minnesotan that needs support when caring for a loved one.
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