In order to promote a Health Minnesota, I will work hard to do the one thing so many people across the district have asked me to tackle. At your door, healthcare was the topic discussed the most. I believe that this election is a referendum on a "do nothing" Legislature that contributed millions in taxpayer money to insurance companies, but did little to address cost and coverage options across Minnesota. Leadership couldn't even pass an AARP backed plan to tackle elder abuse or pass a "one penny per pill" fee to drug companies to reduce prescriptions and help pay for abuse counseling.
Mental Care & Investments
  • Funding the construction of more community-based mental health facilities to address crisis across Minnesota

  • Increased wages for In-home Health Care Workers to encourage long-time career opportunities

  • Stop cutting or shifting money from Health & Human Services towards other funding commitments

  • More funding for Minnesota Officer Crisis Intervention Training program

Elder Care

Establishment of a commission to review policies and set up stricter sentencing guidelines for persons convicted of elder abuse.


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