All Minnesotans should have time to care for their loved ones and themselves.

In Minnesota we care about each other and the well-being our our families. But for too long, a greedy few have padded their bank accounts while blocking our efforts to ensure paid time to care for our Now, during this pandemic, it's clearer than ever that time off to care for our loved ones has always been essential. 
We need to ensure essential caregivers like childcare workers, in-home nurses, and PCAs are paid living wages for their critical work. Our health and well-being are tied to one another. As Paul Wellstone once said "We all do better when we all do better."  Legislators must guarantee every working Minnesotan has access to paid sick time and extended paid family & medical leave to care for themselves or a loved one.
We must demand that all caregiving systems are paying a living wage to all workers, including those whom care for our loved ones at home, in long-term care, or at the daycare. It is only once the caregivers are paid, that we can lift them out of poverty and allow them to thrive in our communities.  

In 2021 I will work to do the following:

  • Supporting our farming neighbors as they transition into 21st century technology & emerging markets

  • Developing new agricultural products out of potential cash crops such as industrial hemp, perennial kernza, and cover crops

  • Working with the University of Minnesota and other stakeholders to develop farming practices resilient to climate change 

  • Promoting safer working conditions for farmers, their family members, and their employees 

Fair Taxation
  • Workforce housing tax credit focused on economic development and middle-income worker housing needs

  • Buffer tax credit and tax exemption for each acre of land dedicated to buffer strips 

  • Section 179 tax conformity to the federal Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

  • Full repeal of the Reagan era Tax on Social Security 

Family Care & Economic Wellbeing
  • Passage of the Paid Medical Leave Act and Sick & Safe Time legislation

  • Supporting Minnesota Initiative Foundations as they help prepare and train the next generation of childcare providers

  • Support communities by offering matching capital grants for counties and communities to develop new childcare slots 

Strong Labor Force & Unions
  • I strongly support the right for employees to collectively bargain with their employer and do not support “right to work” laws which destroy union rights

  •  It's time that men and women get paid equally for the same job!

  • Minnesota now has the strongest wage theft laws in America.