Second Chance.jpg

All Minnesotans deserve safe communities and a fair justice system.

No matter where we are born, how we pray, or what

we look like, every Minnesotan wants to make it home

at the end of the day.  George Floyd should be alive,

but he was killed by officers that were trained to

be warriors and not peace keepers. Warrior training is

now banned thanks to the passage of July 2020


While Minnesotans from across race and place join

together to defend Black lives, a fringe minority point

fingers and use our differences to make us scared of

one another. We can ensure the safety and well-being for everyone regardless of urban, suburban, or in rural Minnesota. No exceptions. The choices made in our legal and prison systems do not treat all Minnesotans equally. 

In testimony before the House Veterans & Military Affairs Committee, two veterans were caught by police with the exact same quantity of the same illegal substance. One was given the option of restorative justice while the other was sentenced to a felony. This is just one example of how zip code defines justice. That is also an injustice and I will fight to Veteran Restorative Justice across Minnesota, not just in pockets of our state. 

We will all be safer when we put justice, fairness, and redemption first - for every single Minnesotan.